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We're trusted by teachers everywhere because of our easy-to-use free Course Management software. Create a course and start teaching instantly. Lesson plans, rubrics , gradebooks, class management are all included. We have made it alot less tedious for teachers to stay organized no matter what the subject is.

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What's included?

Here's how we streamline your courses

Create your course

Use the same software our tutors use to create your own courses. Populate your courses with no limits!

Make Lesson Plans

Create the lesson plans you need to teach your course or subject. We have all the tools you need.

Integration with Schools

Public school teachers can integrate the lesson plans for the corresponding Ministry of Education or Department of Education can oversee course information and lesson plan details.

Manage Online or In-Person Classes

We make it easy to hold your courses online or in-person all in the same place. gradebooks, rubrics, assignment hand-ins are just a few of what's included.

Course Marketplace

Offer your courses on our marketplace and collect revenue everytime a student enrolls in your courses. Own your courses!

Personal 24/7 Help

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Get rid of the tedious tasks &
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Manage your courses with Project Jaguar today

Project Jaguar is a collection of courses and services by teacherpreneurs and digital educators. Students can visit our site and choose from the 4000+ courses and services we have avaliable by independent educators who enjoy what they do.

In college, Trevaun Solomon and Canice James learned that most of their favorite & memorable teachers in high school didn’t enjoy their job because of the financial and physical conditions of schools, these teachers were not alone. In response, Tevaun and Canice wanted to create a website that would allow teachers to easily teach online, cheaper and convenient. We launched “Project Jaguar’ as a course marketplace, but we were not sure about the niche we should pursue. After doing tons of research and trial & error from our marketing strategies, we learned that most teachers are open to teaching online don’t know where to start. This moved us to design a “digital educator” program that helps teachers around the Caribbean become independent by teaching online. Over 3 years after launching our startup, Project Jaguar’s course marketplace hosts the courses and facilitates the businesses of hundreds of teachers, which helps digital educators like Keston Chandler from Jamaica and Herman Lewis from Trinidad to teach students anywhere on their own time. We transform every-day teachers into “teacherpreneurs”.

Project Jaguar is headquartered in the Antigua and Barbuda Science and Innovation Park. The company is owned by Trevaun Solomon and managed by Canice James and Dawsher Charles.