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A $5,000USD Investment

We will cover all your business overhead costs up to $2,000USD for 1 year.

An Online Classroom

We will provide you with a Project Jaguar account to set up your online classroom for students.

Digital Marketing

We will manage and control your marketing budget. (Not included in the $2,000USD investment)

Let's start your Online Teaching Business!

The Flagship Teachers Program transforms teachers into "teacherpreneurs" since 2016. We are giving teachers an easy and independent way of teaching. This program grows a teachers skill into an online teaching business.

  • Your first set of students
  • A $800 - $2,000USD investment to cover overhead expenses for up to 1 year
  • Marketing budget management
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1. Creating a plan

We will complete your business plan to include an "Ideal student profile" and a marketing strategy, financial plan, goals & objectives.

2. Marketing your Course

We will market your course to interested students all over the internet.

3. Managing your students

We provide you with the tools to manage your students online. Tools such as "Inverted Lesson Plans" will be used to keep your online classes flowing.

What do we have at our disposal?

Here's a video of the practical tools we have available for your online teaching business


Here are the requirements to become a Flagship Teacher.

  • Must commit to running the online teaching business for atleast 1 year
  • Must commit to a 1 year contract to run the business and cover marketing expenses up to $200USD with $80USD upfront.
  • Access to a computer, and the internet
  • Atleast 2 years of experience in teaching (OPTIONAL)
45 Investments made
3 Awards won
900+ Students enrolled

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. the $150USD is for marketing towards getting your first set of students. It is up to you to spend more on marketing or focus on using revenue to market further.

Our success rate is 88%. 8 out of every 9 businesses succeed with our investment.

Yes. We will break down how many lessons to have, provide you with a lesson plan structure, and how to interact with your students. You have full control of your online class.

$20USD per month. This fee is completely covered in the investment through our Program.

The investment ONLY covers your overhead expenses. This includes creating your advertisements, creating your lesson plans, refining your business plan, providing you with an online classroom, and providing marketing strategy consulting.

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