The Luxury Collection

The Senaté

Because you dont live in the past or the future.
you are interested only in the present.

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This collectors' item starts at $164USD, each having its' own serial code. Every Senaté from the collection represents a piece of Project Jaguar. The pens' journey starts from the smolten gold that is used to create the logos being displayed. The 7 pound pen is made from stainless steel in a space-black tint.

and sleek

Each Senaté is polished thrice over a period of 5 weeks. Once out of production, the Senaté proceeds to be cooled for 2 weeks. After the Senaté is produced, it says farewell on its' first class flight to Antigua W.I where it is then distributed


Color space black tint with gloss finish

Size 6.6 inches

Weight 3.62 ounces

Write ball-point with smooth edges